A SCOTS doctor and amateur photographer has captured some breathtaking shots inside an ice cave.

Mark McColl, from Underwood Mains, near Symington, Ayrshire, shot the spectacular series of images from inside some of the Iceland's most beautiful caves.

Mr McColl, 47, had never seen an ice cave before his voyage with a group of fellow photographers.

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Once at the caves near Jokulsarlon lake, at the southern tip of the island's Vatnajokull glacier, Mr McColl was blown away by the photographic potential of the natural wonder.

He even managed to put many selfie-takers to shame by including himself in some images, hoping to convey the scale of the ice walls he was confronted with.

Mr McColl took up photography around 12-years-ago when he was looking for a hobby to take his mind off the stresses of his day job.

He said: "I hadn't visited an ice cave before, so didn't really know what to expect. I was blown away by them - the light, colours and textures are just sensational."

The caves are formed by geothermal springs running under the ice.

He added: "What is difficult to convey is the scale, which is the main reason I wanted to include people in my images. Not only do the people in my photographs give the viewer an idea of scale, but they also add an interesting focal point.

"When taking some of the shots, I had to stand very still as light levels are quite low in the ice caves, and exposures of several seconds are needed.

"I was also lucky enough to shoot some amazing Aurora Borealis images the night before our visit to the cave, so I was delighted with how the images from the trip turned out.

"Even my wife loved them - so I must have done something right."