GLASGOW City Council has been criticised for failing to regularly monitor the scale of bullying in its schools.

In 2009, the authority ­announced plans to pull ­together figures from all Glasgow schools and report them on an annual basis to help monitor trends.

They outlined the moves in an anti-bullying policy - which is, still in ­circulation - but they were never carried out.

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Individual schools in the city collect information on bullying incidents, using a form provided by the council, but they are not being regularly collated.

The council's education director said the local authority would like to be able to do this but they are limited by the technology it uses.

Councillor Martin ­Docherty said the authority should use other means to record the statistics.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: "We do not have the information systems to allow us to gather this information centrally but are keen to pursue this as quickly as possible."