JEWELLERS have created duplicates of two lost Church of Scotland treasures.

Kirk Moderator the Right Reverend Lorna Hood has unveiled replacements for a ring and a historic cross that disappeared last April. The originals, worn by the Moderator on official duties, were in a bag that went missing from Edinburgh Airport.

Despite a four-figure reward for their safe return, the items have never been found. The replacements were created by Edinburgh-based jewellers Margaret King.

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Mrs Hood said: "The jewellers have done a fantastic job. I don't intend to let it out of my sight. I won't quite wear it to bed but I will cherish it and look after it."

In a comic twist, Mrs Hood was mistaken for a jewel thief during a fitting for a separate duplicate ring last May

Jewellery shop staff recognised the copy of the lost gold ring she took in for adjustment and called police.

Picture: Steve Cox