February 1992:

Taxi driver Stephen McDermott, 27, is stabbed to death outside his home in the Nitshill area of Glasgow during a night of violence.

June 1992: John (McLay) McIntosh, 17, is sentenced to life for the murder of Mr McDermott.

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March 1994: The appeal court refuses to allow additional evidence alleging Mr McIntosh's co-accused Stephen Harkins confessed to the murder to be heard. Lord McCluskey dissents.

December 1997: Then Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar refers the case to the Court of Appeal in a landmark ruling resulting in the evidence finally being considered.

April 2000: Lord Coulsfield dismisses the appeal, and questions the admissions, saying Harkins was regarded by others as "boastful, a nuisance and a person who was in the habit of indulging in bravado".

February 2013: Mr McIntosh tells the Herald he is preparing to launch a new legal bid to clear his name with the Glasgow-based Miscarriages of Justice group supporting him.

January 2014: Mr McIntosh takes his own life after telling supporters on Twitter he had "felt let down by the (legal) system".