THE UK Independence Party has unveiled its candidates for the European Parliament elections with warnings against Scottish independence, the European Union and "politically correct" multiculturalism.

David Coburn, who leads Ukip's Scottish list for the election on May 22, welcomed about 40 party members to Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel.

National chairman Steve Crowther addressed the "shock troops" who he hopes will secure Ukip's first MEP in Scotland, coming off the back of a number of recent electoral gains including a Scottish Parliament seat in Cowdenbeath, where they beat the Liberal Democrats into fifth place.

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Members also heard from Sarinder Joshua Duroch, the Glasgow-born party secretary for Gravesham in Kent, who said British people are being made to feel "like a minority in their own country" by "politically correct" multiculturalism.

Mr Coburn said: "The SNP is terrified of Ukip. I don't think the people of Scotland are going to vote for independence.

"The Conservative Party doesn't exist in Scotland - it's a Potemkin Village where if you kick the door in the whole thing will fall down. The Tories' in/out referendum is never going to happen. If you want out of the EU, the only party in Scotland to vote for is Ukip."

Mr Duroch, whose ­grandparents migrated from India in the 1940s, said: "Political correctness has gagged our democracy, making people feel guilty about their past and resulting in appeasement towards certain communities."

Addressing Ukip members, Mr Crowther said: "You are the shock troops. You are the people who will take us forward.

"Let's go forward from now in an amazing campaign that will get our man elected as an MEP for Scotland on May 22."