HOLYROOD is to welcome thousands of new additions to its ranks.

However, the occupants of two new beehives at the Scottish Parliament will be too busy to listen to the chatter of MSPs.

The beehives were installed in the ­parliament's garden yesterday as it was revealed it would be the first legislature in the UK to host them in a bid to help support the honey bee population.

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The hives, installed by Kelvin Valley Honey, will become home to Scots honey bees, which will arrive later this year.

Paul Holmes, chairman of Kelvin Valley Honey, said: "Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of more than 60% of all of Scotland's agricultural crops, produce, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs and plants.

"This is a positive example of how grassroots community organisations such as ours and the nation's policy and decision-makers can join together in making a real difference to an issue that ultimately affects us all."

Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick said: "It is often said the Parliament is a place with a great buzz. It really will be true when we welcome the new additions."