THIS photograph is guaranteed to send you quackers - it's a beautiful orchid that looks like Daffy Duck.

Taken in a rare moment of tranquillity in Tasmania, the orchid bears a striking resemblance to the Looney Tunes hero.

Scottish photographer Bill Higham, 44, was on the sandy Australian heathland when he snapped the flower.

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So well-known for its similarities to the Bugs Bunny's best friend's yellow bill and black head, the orchid is known as the 'Flying Duck'.

But it's not as delicate as it looks. The flower has a complicated mechanism that traps insects inside its petals. When insects land on the orchid's 'bill' they get stuck inside and become covered in pollen.

It means flying creatures help to pollinate the plant once they have escaped. And with colonies of hundreds of orchids not uncommon, bumble bees have to watch out.