TOURISTS could be enticed to Scotland for its "digital isolation", a new report has revealed.

It found there is a ­ potential growth market among people who want to be free of smartphone and tablet technology while on holiday.

The VisitScotland report, Trends For 2014, which is based on evidence gathered from around the world, said there is a chance to market some parts of Scotland where connectivity may not be strong.

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The report said: "Stress is a continuing by-product of the global economic woes we experienced in the recent past.

"Multitasking has become ingrained in our psyche. Although technology is and will be a driving force for many years to come with tourism, some providers have identified a niche market for those who want to escape digital life, albeit temporarily.

"Health and wellbeing tourism has excelled in recent years."

The report continued: "Psychological health is also identified as an area for growth, with many providers offering packages such as tai chi breaks as a means of escape from ­everyday digital life, providing an opportunity for consumers to detach from life, and regenerate."

Chris Greenwood, senior tourism insight manager at VisitScotland, said: "There seems to be more and more pressure on some people to be able to answer an email or take a work call when away on holiday.

"Some people are looking to lift that stress and really get away from everything.

"There are several parts of Scotland, particularly in the north-west, that offer the chance to have real ­digital isolation.

"People can make a virtue of the fact there is no phone signal or internet access and use it in the way they promote the fact they are in a really natural environment where you can get away from it all, where you might have to live with a peat fire or a gas lamp for a week."