TECHNOLOGY giant Samsung has stepped up the consumer war with Apple by launching four new products in a day.

At an event in London, the Korean company unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, which is waterproof for the first time, as well as three smartwatches to add to its range.

The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit all became available today, greatly expanding and strengthening Samsung's position within the wearable technology market, a fast-growing sector. All three are available for £250 or less.

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Apple has long been rumoured to be planning its own smartwatch, but now it will have four Samsung wearables to battle with, as well as other popular products such as the Pebble smartwatch.

Andy Betts, editor of UK-based Android Magazine believes that this launch cements Samsung's place at the top of the smartphone market.

He said: "The Galaxy S5 is not a massive upgrade over last year's S4, but what has been improved should be more than enough to ensure that Samsung retains its dominance of the Android market.

"With an improved camera, much longer battery life and water resistance, Samsung has targeted areas that, while not necessarily producing eye catching headlines, will deliver real benefits for users."

Mr Betts did, however, sound a word of warning for the technology giant if it wants to retain its current position.

He said: "Samsung's watches look like the best to have hit the market to date. But they only work with Samsung devices, and only a limited selection of those."

Apple is expected to unveil its next generation of the iPhone later this year.