THE man who laundered more than £10 million in a Glasgow-based VAT fraud is due in court tomorrow after being arrested in Cyprus.

Michael Voudouri, 46, pled guilty to a massive scam but absconded before he could be sentenced.

For 14 months, he was considered one of the UK's most wanted tax fugitives until last January when he was picked up by police in Famagusta.

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Voudouri, from Bridge of Allan, was charged with entering the island country with a forged passport and will appear at Nicosia District Court.

If convicted, it is likely he will be extradited to ­Scotland to carry out his sentence - reportedly to be at least 10 years.

Voudouri claims he bought a passport for £3000 and burned it once he entered the country.

Officers failed to find records of his arrival and remanded him in custody as a flight risk.

An official said: "Voudouri was kept in jail to prevent him escaping the country.

"We don't want criminals thinking they can hide here," he added. "Scottish police can come and take him back."