EVENTS such as the Mid Staffs hospital scandal could be repeated unless there is a revolution in the way the public sector is run, a Commons committee has warned.

MPs found managers were often in denial about criticism of the services they were in charge of and the public believes there is little point in making complaints, which is creating a "toxic cocktail".

The Commons Public Administration Committee (PASC) highlighted the ­failures that were exposed in the damning report by Robert Francis, QC, on Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, which found that as many as 1200 patients might have died needlessly after they were "routinely neglected".

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It called for ministers to show leadership and force a culture change across the public sector to prevent future tragedies.

Committee chairman Bernard Jenkin said: "There needs to be a revolution in the way public services are run, and how the public perceives Government.

"As things are, most people believe there is no point in complaining. The shocking collapse of care at Mid-Staffs hospital should be a warning to the whole public sector."