A MOTORCYCLIST has died after crashing on an island road.

The 33-year-old man was riding along the A87 near Loch Ainort on Skye.

Emergency services were called to the scene shortly after 9.30am yesterday.

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A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "Despite efforts at the scene to administer medical treatment, the single 33-year-old male rider died from injuries sustained.

"Police investigators are currently in attendance and the road will be closed for examinations to take place and a diversion is in place for cars only."

No other vehicles were involved in the crash, police said.

The latest fatality comes just days after a police campaign was launched to reduce the number of motorbike accidents in Scotland.

Figures show 21 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in Scotland in 2012, with a further 844 injured.

Bikers account for only 1% of road traffic but make up 12% of deaths, police said, with 85% of biking incidents taking place between April and September.

Male bikers account for 90% of all motorcycle casualties, with a third aged between 40 and 49.

Superintendent Iain Murray said at the campaign launch: "It's a popular time for both experienced riders and those returning to a motorbike to get out and explore the country.

"Throughout this campaign, we want to encourage safer, considerate biking behaviour among riders.

"With statistics unfortunately showing most motorcycle casualties occur during the day and in good weather, and with more motorcyclists getting their bikes out at the start of summer, it's important to take it easy in all conditions.

"Most serious and fatal motorcycle collisions happen in rural areas involving higher speed limits."