Scots have more "friends in the North" than previously thought thanks to English people's exasperation with their own countrymen and women in London, according to a new poll.

Days after First Minister Alex Salmond made a keynote independence speech in Carlisle, Huddersfield ­University has found people living in the north of England have more in common with those living in Scotland than with residents of London.

The snapshot among hundreds of the university's staff and students found growing resentment towards the ­political and economic dominance of London over the rest of England.

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The survey also showed there was an "overriding sentiment of sorrow" at the potential break-up of Britain, with 73% of respondents supporting the maintenance of the Union with Scotland.

It ran alongside a report that also highlighted how the referendum debate, regardless of the outcome, had been notable for its lack of engagement with the north or for any serious effort to address political, economic and social issues that will emanate from the vote on September 18.