A TRIPLE murderer has been awarded more than £800 compensation after his nose clippers were broken by guards.

Kevan Thakrar, 26, who killed three men with a machine gun, said he was "stressed" about the gadget breaking, and by suffering the loss of property including photos and a carton of cranberry juice.

The judge who ordered the payout said £500 of it was because jail bosses had not apologised to the killer.

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Prison officer Craig Wylde, 32, a former soldier with the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, who lost eight pints of blood after Thakrar stabbed him in jail, slated the compensation claim saying it was "laughable".

He said: "It's another case of the prisoner getting everything and the real victims getting nothing. This latest claim will have cost thousands and thousands of taxpayers' money. It is pathetic."

Thakrar was jailed for life for the drug-related triple murder in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, in 2007. He forced Keith Cowell, 52, his son Matthew, 17, and a friend Tony Dulieu, 33, to kneel before them to be shot.

Thakrar was relocated after he stabbed Mr Wylde and two other guards at Frankland Prison, County Durham, in 2010. Thakrar was cleared of all charges relating to the attack.

He sued the Ministry of Justice after some of his belongings were lost or damaged during the transfer.

Thakrar said he had hoped the ministry would not pay so he could authorise bailiffs to collect the money from Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

He wrote on Facebook: "Although it may have been a few months late, Grayling paid up. It is a shame though - I was quite looking forward to the bailiffs going into the Ministry of Justice."