BRIDGE Over Troubled Water singer Paul Simon and his wife have appeared in court after only their fourth fight in 22 years of marriage.

Simon, 72, who, with Art Garfunkel had a huge hit with the song, and singer Edie Brickell appeared before a court in Connecticut, USA yesterday on disorderly conduct charges the day after police were called to their cottage.

The Grammy-winning singers, who have three children, pushed each other and Ms Brickell blocked the door before her mother called police, who were reluctant to arrest them on a "misdemeanor summons."

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Simon told the court: "Neither of us has any fear or anything to feel threatened about,"

"We had an argument that is atypical of us." Brickell, 48, added: "He is no threat to me at all."

Police chief Leon Krolikowski said: "They're well known to the community, they're very nice people. "It's unfortunate that this occurred, but we were obligated to make an arrest." The couplewill reappear in court at a later date.