SPORT will be the main attraction for many visitors to Glasgow this summer:

but those who prefer books to running will be able to study the Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow University is offering students participating in its first international summer school the opportunity to take part in a "Commonwealth Experience" course, which is designed to explore the culture and history of the Games.

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The one-week course, which costs £650 covering tuition and accommodation, also aims to give an insight into the build-up to the Games and will include visits to the Scottish Parliament, Hampden Park and Glasgow City Council.

It will take place in the second week of July and cater for around 40 students.

Other subjects which will be explored include the language, religions and literature of the Commonwealth.

Chris Yeomans, head of international affairs at Glasgow University, said there had been "substantial" interest in the course, which is being promoted as an additional option to international students participating in the summer school courses.

He said: "One of the reasons we are doing the international summer school is we want to be able to provide higher education that responds to things that are actually happening in a particular moment.

"We wanted to give the international students that experience of what is happening in Glasgow.

"It will be looking at how the Commonwealth Games tick and what it takes for a city like Glasgow to host an event like that."

He added: "There are academics who carry out research into different sorts of sports and they will be teaching on the course as well, so it is really a holistic approach to what is happening."

Yeomans said it was likely to be a one-off course in its current form, but the material for the Commonwealth course could be used for international summer schools in the future.