A SIX-foot-tall painting of a stormy sky above of the Isle of Harris has been picked as the centrepiece of a new exhibition at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh.

The artwork is one of about 70 paintings and sculptures created by 12 artists to go on show in the capital at the event, which is run by the Arusha gallery.

Created by Edinburgh artist Trina Bohan and titled Skyscape, Harris, the large canvas required two people to move it into position when it arrived for display.

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Other works on show in the exhibition include pictures of angels and religious icons, while a sculpture of a human figure on a swing has been placed in the Cathedral grounds.

Ms Bohan said: "I take my inspiration from the Scottish skies of the Highlands and Islands.

"I spend months taking photographs and sketching for hours in my big sketchbook. I always seem to get luck and see a terrific storm and the colours of the seasons are a great influence on what I paint."

She added: "The skies are so beautiful that it takes a large canvas to capture them."

The artworks on show were picked for their spiritual nature but not all are religious.

A spokeswoman for the Arusha Gallery said the ­cathedral was supportive of the artistic community and was pleased to house the show.

She said: "The cathedral has been helpful in the past and were pleased have the paintings inside the building and sculpture in the grounds, so we are very grateful to them."

The exhibition runs until June 29, and admission is free.