I HOPE you were inspired to have a go at making the napkin rings featured last weekend.

To tie in with the blue and silver table theme at my dinner party I also decorated some glasses for each guest and today I'll be taking you through the steps of creating your own. This is another craft that needs no experience, few materials but can be as simple or intricate as you choose. My design is basic but by layering different colours it creates a very effective look. The more layers you add, the better the effect.


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Plain glasses

Glass paint

Cheap paint brushes

Difficulty: Easy


Clean glasses thoroughly with soap and warm water then dry thoroughly to remove any grease and ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface.


Think about the design you plan to use before starting to paint. I used three different colours and painted dots in a number of layers to create the desired effect. I used cheap paint brushes as I found that the glass paint was difficult to remove during cleaning so I didn't feel so bad when I threw them out, and used a different brush for each of the three colours. I started with the darkest colour to create the first layer of dots, allowed this to dry then did the same with the next layer of the lighter colour and the same with the lightest. I could have finished there but found that by adding another layer I liked the look even more so kept going with the layers until I was happy with the finished look.


Leave to dry for 24 hours. The type of paint I was using did not require anything further to seal it but that will vary depending on the product you buy so check the instructions included. Once the paint is completely dry, wash them and then they will be ready to use. How pretty!