ELAINE Doyle was a popular, carefree schoolgirl when her life was taken in 1986.

Living with her mother Maureen, father Jack and older brother John, the schoolgirl would spend much of her spare time socialising with friends.

Her brother, giving evidence at the trial, described a typical relationship with his sister, who was five years younger than him. "Annoying but in a cute way", was how he described it. "We were just normal brother and sister."

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Ms Doyle spent much of her last weekend with her best friend, Lynn Ryan. The night before she died Ms Doyle had stayed at Ms Ryan's house after they visited a nearby pool hall, one of their regular haunts. After waking up they had gone shopping for leggings.

Ms Doyle went home to get dressed up before meeting up with her friend again. "Be careful and watch yourself", Mr Doyle said to his daughter as she left the family home.

The pals went to a 50p disco. "We always carried on. It was just constant laughing," Ms Ryan said of their relationship.

After the pair left the disco and visited a hamburger stall, Ms Doyle turned down a lift home from a friend's brother. Ms Ryan said: "I will see you tomorrow." It was the last thing she ever said to her friend.