TEN years ago the world was a very different place.

Michelle McManus was top of the charts after her Pop Idol success.

Facebook was launched as an exclusive website open only to a select few American college students.

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And MPs were trying to impeach Tony Blair over the Iraq war.

Fast forward to today and a great number of things have changed, including that MPs are no longer trying to impeach Tony Blair.

Wait, scrap that last one.

At Prime Minister's Questions yesterday Sir Peter Tapsell, the Tory MP who is now the Father of the House, called on backbench MPs to restart proceedings, seven years after the former Labour Prime Minister left office.

The suggestion was greeted with loud, stage loud, laughter from former Labour minister Ben Bradshaw.

Sir Peter said there was "growing sentiment that, as the publication of the Chilcot report (into Iraq) has been so long delayed, the ancient but still existing power of Backbenchers to commence the procedure of impeachment should now be activated."

The Prime Minister called on MPs to wait for the outcome of the Iraq inquiry.

But he could not resist a dig at Labour, saying the inquiries report would have been published by now had Labour not voted against Chilcot's inception repeatedly.

Later, as he was pressed on the UK's response to the current problems in Iraq and the rise of the Isis insurgents, the Prime Minister said: "I agree with the Rt Hon Gentleman that it would be a mistake to believe that the only answer to these problems is the hard attack of direct intervention,"

Sentiments like this were too much for Angus Robertson, the SNP MP, who was having none of it.

"But you would have bombed Syria," he shouted at the Prime Minister, action many claim would merely have helped Isis.

Could Mr Cameron be the next one to face impeachment proceedings?