THE jobs market is showing signs of starting to stabilise after years of unpredictably, according to the country's biggest recruitment platform.

New research carried out by s1jobs suggests the number of applicants per role is returning to the levels seen before the recession as jobseekers become more selective and put themselves forward only for roles that match their skill set.

Gavin Mochan, head of sales at s1jobs, said it was "another strong, positive indicator of the continued resurgence of the Scottish economy".

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He said: "The financial crises and the recession inevitably led to higher unemployment, which in turn resulted in a huge increase in the number of people looking for work. Our figures suggest that although the average number of applicants is still high, the number has returned to more manageable levels, which we believe is great news for all concerned."

He added: "It's clearly still a tough marketplace for applicants at the moment, but these figures suggest some very optimistic signs for the future and in more specific and higher skilled sectors there are some very good opportunities for those with the right skill set."