ASH from the fire that ­devastated the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) is being used as material for a new exhibition by graduates from the school.

Melissa Maloco, a fine art photography graduate from GSA who lost all of her work in the fire that swept through the Mackintosh Building in May, has used ash from the blaze for her show at the Burgh Hall in Dunoon, which runs from tomorrow to July 24.

"I felt that there was ­something very fitting and beautiful in the use of a material born out of destruction and tragedy 'giving life' to new art work," she said.

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Maloco's work is being shown alongside eight other artists and designers who graduated from the GSA last month.

Her work uses carbon dust from the fire, taken from the Mackintosh Library and Studio 32 in the building, and a door from the Mackintosh Building to recreate a piece she lost in the blaze.

For the original ­Negotiation of Space (A Door Opening and Closing), a line of carbon dust was poured onto a sheet of paper and placed inside a doorway, and the door was then opened and closed.

She said: "Negotiation of Space (A Door Opening and Closing) was my favourite work in my degree show presentation. When I was invited to make work for the GSA at Dunoon exhibition my first thought was to remake this work in some way.

"The fire was such a huge, pivotal moment in all of our lives, making the pieces felt necessary as a means of processing the event.

"The fact that the carbon used in these drawings came directly from the Mackintosh building after the fire added another layer to the already loaded material."

The show also features work from Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Zheng Li, Lin Chau, Romy Galloway, Joe Hancock, Nicola Massie, Frank McElhinney and Norman Sutton-Hibbert.

It is the third year that GSA graduates have ­exhibited work in Dunoon and is curated by Theresa Moerman Ib as well as Colm Docherty.