BEEFBURGERS which were undercooked have been named as the cause of the recent E.coli outbreak at the SSE Hydro.

A report published by the Public Health Protection Unit of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) said that there was strong evidence the outbreak was associated with the consumption of beefburgers at the music venue between January 17 and 19.

In total 22 people contracted the E.coli 0157 bacteria, with 19 of the cases coming from those who ate the burgers.

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The remaining three became ill from contact with those who originally contracted the bug.

The vast majority were not severely unwell, but three required hospital treatment. All cases have now fully recovered.

The report also highlighted the potential for E.coli O157 contamination of beef products, and stressed the need for adequate cooking and cross-contamination measures in the preparation of these products.

Dr Catriona Miloaevic said: "While it is not conclusive, there is strong epidemiological evidence pointing to the exposure being the consumption of beef burgers purchased at the SSE Hydro between 17th and 19th January 2014.

"During our investigations staff at the company which operates the burger outlet at SSE Hydro were helpful and co-operated fully. We are fully satisfied that they have made the required improvements to their processes."

The infection period was said to have occurred when the venue hosted five performances of Top Gear Live.