THE four-year-old girl found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool in Spain has been flown home to Scotland almost three weeks after the accident.

Cally Simpson, from Arbroath, remains in a coma and her parents have been told it is unlikely she will wake up and make a full recovery.

She had been receiving treatment in hospital in Barcelona after she fell into the pool at the Villa Marina Hotel in Salou on June 23, while on holiday with her father Steven.

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Her family have confirmed she has now been brought home in an intensive care air ambulance to be cared for by doctors in Scotland.

Her mother Kate Miller, 30, was quoted as saying: "She's being re-tested for everything all over again, which is a good sign.

"All the family members who couldn't make it over to Spain are now desperate to see her."

Ms Miller had previously told friends doctors in Spain had told her it was "improbable" Cally would ever wake up.

But she said: "We are not giving up hope at all.

"There are doctors all over the world and we want a second, third and fourth opinion.

"We are not giving up on our baby, ever."