A DIVE in the value of the dollar is boosting British holiday bookings to the US.

The pound is at its highest level against the US dollar for five years, giving UK visitors 20% more spending money than in 2009, according to foreign exchange company First Rate Exchange Services.

Visitors to Canada are also seeing their cash go further, with the Canadian dollar dipping 16% since last year.

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First Rate's holiday confidence index, based on the responses of more than 5,000 consumers, showed a rise in bookings to North America, while increased numbers are also heading for Asia and the Caribbean.

In Thailand, the pound is worth 18% more than a year ago, while the Jamaican dollar has fallen by almost 26% against sterling .

Despite holidaymakers attempting to get away from it all, another poll, from lastminute.com, showed almost three-quarters of Britons have bumped into someone they know while on holiday.