Piers pressure

COME IN Agent O'Meara, your work is done, the money is in your bank account and you can reveal yourself as Scotland's equivalent of Daniel Defoe, who spied on us during the build up to the Union three centuries ago.

Piers Stefan O'Meara, son of an Irish dentist, came to fame as a tabloid newspaper editor who didn't know about hacking, became a talent show judge, and for a while a US TV host. Step forward Piers Morgan, the sleeper, who has finally done his bit for Scottish independence with his Tweet yesterday: "OK, Scotland, you've had your fun. Now just quietly vote 'NO' and we'll say no more about it."

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Between that and former English rugby captain Will Carling telling us to vote No as part of the scattergun list of 200 slebs, how can Yes fail?

Smoke free zone

IS SOMEONE trying to stop smoking at the TUC? A press release commenting on this week's announcement that a review into union tactics was being effectively abandoned because the process had become too political at first correctly named the lawyer in charge as Bruce Carr QC.

But later the document referred to him as Alan.

As well being the name of an English comedian, there is of course an Allen Carr, one of the world's best-selling authors on how to stop smoking. Cravings can make you do the damnedest things.

Stitch up

IT seems sad that the Great Tapestry of Scotland exhibition at the Scottish Parliament is destined to end on September 13, for surely there is a very significant panel to be added a few days later?

Unspun had visions of rival versions already stitched, or, like the Cup Final engraver, a crack team ready to rush out the final panel. Sadly, the exhibition, which has brought 9000 ­visitors over the summer consuming vast quantities of tea and scones must end because by then the ­Parliament's public entrance hall and the whole area around Holyrood is to become an international media village.

Don't worry, the Tapestry is moving to New Lanark and will be on show for a month from late October, given plenty of time to stitch THAT panel.

As other's see us

THERE is a familiar lament by the pro-indies that the meedja is agin them, with the BBC turning into a nest of Unionist vipers. Curiously, Unspun hears hear that news staff in the London operations of the BBC think the news and political operation at Pacific Quay is 'too Yessy' for their liking. You can't please everyone.