THE library has long been a favourite location for a murder scene in crime novels, but it is set to become even more popular for homicidal tales in the Northern Isles and elsewhere.

Anne Cleeves, the author whose detective novels have been portrayed in ITV's Vera and the BBC's Shetland series, is teaming up with libraries around the country to stage a live murder mystery.

Members of the public are to be invited to play detective and criminologist to help solve the crime.

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Known as Murder at the Ravenswick Hotel, it is set in a Shetland hotel where a woman called Hanna Bayford is found murdered.

Her body is found in a pool of blood in the hotel's library with a poker nearby.

Next month the Orkney Library & Shetland Library service is joining forces with Ann Cleeves and Shetland Arts for 24 Islands/24 Hours, a unique series of events celebrating reading, writing and libraries

The plan is to have events on 24 islands in Orkney and Shetland in 24 hours, with the murder mystery central.

However, it is hoped that other libraries across the UK will also get involved in staging their own version, with scripts and materials available free of charge.