ATHLETES and volunteers who took part in the Commonwealth Games are cashing in on its success by auctioning off their used official clothing.

Training gear, running vests, cycling suits, boxing shorts, swim caps and even bed spreads are among the items put up for sale by competitors.

Hoodies, jumpers, tracksuits, trainers, bags and shirts issued to competing nations are also available to those seeking a memento of the Glasgow event.

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Auction site eBay also has been inundated with the red uniforms and other memorabilia given to Games volunteers.

A total of 2,320 items related to this year's Commonwealth Games are listed for sale online, many belonging to the some of the 4,950 competitors.

Glasgow 2014 officials yesterday said they "appreciate there is great demand" for items from the event but said warned buyers to ensure all goods are authentic.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of items related to the Games being sold across other sites and we will work with selling agents to remove items from sale which don't meet our brand guidelines or are the property of the Organising Committee.

"This should not impact anyone selling items they legitimately own."