A BOWLER has been banned from her club for 30 years after she admitted slapping a "sexist" fellow player.

Kathleen Wright, 60, had been with Craigie Bowling Club, Dundee, for almost 20 years and was pushing for women to have the same rights as men.

Mrs Wright, a former bowls umpire, was banned until 2044 after a clubroom row got out of hand.

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Her husband, retired civil servant and club trustee John, 56, resigned after being told by an official to choose between his wife and Craigie.

Mrs Wright, who says she slapped the unnamed 26-year-old man after he made sexist remarks, has accused the club in the upmarket suburb of Broughty Ferry, of conducting a "witchhunt".

The grandmother, who had been a member of Craigie's club since 1994 and ladies' match secretary for 15 years, said of the July incident: "We had all been in the same company so many times, but there was one thing that he kept saying that was sexist.

"I asked him to please stop it, and then said I would slap him. So I slapped him, although I would describe it as more of the tip of his cheek.

"Everyone was laughing and he kept telling me to slap him harder, which I did. Then he said he would knock me to the floor and he walked out the club."

One committee member of Craigie Bowling Club, Sidney Clark, described the allegations of sexism as "absolute c**p". He added: "We advised the victim to go to the police. That is all I'm going to say on the matter."