When her husband brought home a tablet device, watching television was the last thing 36-year-old Stacy Jones imagined she would ever be doing on it.

"I just thought I would be browsing the web, using Facebook," she says. "And I do a lot of eBay."

But now the mother-of-two, from Newton Mearns in East Renfrewshire, is one of thousands of "programme packing" Scots whose television viewing habits have been revolutionised by the ability to watch two or sometimes even three programmes at once, using a mixture of TVs, tablets and even smartphones.

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"We did it particularly during the Commonwealth Games when there was more than one event we wanted to see," she explains. "In particular my daughter was wanting to watch the Rhythmic Gymnastics but that didn't really interest my husband so he was watching something else while I was watching the gymnastics with my daughter on the tablet.

"We do that quite a lot with others things too - sometimes the kids will be watching CBeebies and I'll be watching the news."

Sometimes, she even watches two things at once. "Two weeks ago I was watching the Ladies' World Cup football and my husband was watching another football match, so effectively I was watching two football games at the same time."

The problem of potentially cacophonous competing commentaries is resolved by someone using headphones or simply turning the volume right down. But for Ms Jones that's preferable to having family members in different rooms watching different programmes. It brings at least a semblance of communal viewing and it means she can control what her children - five-year-old Jessica and three-year-old Tristan - are watching. To that end, the family got rid of their extra televisions. They now have only one.

"When I was young I would always watch TV in a room with my parents," she says. "But then as you got older you got your own TV in your own room and you were watching things that were your own choices. I feel my family is together more because we only have the one TV."