RIVAL low-fare airlines easyJet and Ryanair both carried an increased number of passengers last month.

More than 6.61 million people travelled on easyJet flights in August, an 8.4 per cent rise on the total for August 2013, while Ryanair's August 2014 traffic rose four per cent to 9.4m.

More than 64.33m passengers travelled with easyJet in the 12 months ending August, a 6.4 per cent rise on the figure for the 12 months ending August 2013.

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Ryanair's figure for the 12 months ending this August was 83.4m, a four per cent increase on the previous 12 months. easyJet's planes flew 94.2 per cent full last month, a record, while Ryanair's August 2014 figure of 93 per cent was also an all-time high. The passenger boom seems set to continue into September, with easyJet saying it expects to have its busiest-ever day today with 1,451 flights carrying more than 210,000 passengers.