DJ SUZIE McGuire has told how her “nightmare” is finally over after she walked free from court for threatening to kill her former husband and his girlfriend.

The ex-Radio Clyde star phoned Derek Mitchell and launched a tirade of abuse at him and his then partner, Lana Hunter.

McGuire, a mother-of-four, was arrested following the phone row and spent three nights in the cells after he complained to police about the call.

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She went on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court, denying a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and making threats of violence.

But the 47-year-old, who wed construction firm boss Kevin Irvine in Florida last October, was found guilty by Sheriff Vincent Smith.

She returned to court yesterday to be sentenced and was admonished after Sheriff Smith heard she had been of good behaviour for the last six months.

After the case, McGuire, of Eaglesham, East Renfrew-shire,told of her relief and said she hoped to make a return to the airwaves.She said: “I think on the whole justice has been served.I am just so relieved the nightmare is finally over and I can move on with my life.

“I made one silly phone call and I shouldn’t have done that but I was the victim of a relentless campaign of abuse for years ... The last few years have been horrendous and I now just want to get back on radio and start talking nonsense for Scotland again.

“I have had a few offers come in so I am looking forward to getting back working.”

During the trial last November, Mr Mitchell, who was convicted of domestic assaults on McGuire in November 2014, told how he received a call from her in May last year.

Mr Mitchell, 35, also claimed McGuire had abused him before and during their three-year marriage.

He added: “There was a number of incidents between us both which led to the separation. She put a shoe up my backside, she hit me with kettles and she split my head open.”

Ms Hunter, a company director from Hamilton who has split from Mr Mitchell, said she was scared by McGuire’s threats. She added: “It was just out of the blue and I was confused, scared and upset. I was worried about the insults that were thrown at me because they were really, really disgusting.”

Finding McGuire guilty, Sheriff Smith said: “I have come to the conclusion that the Crown witnesses were telling the truth and nothing you said would cause me to consider you are anything but guilty.”