Breakfast TV host Lorraine Kelly offered her sympathies to Ant McPartlin after she revealed she was once on Tramadol. 

The 57-year-old told of how 'seductive' she found the drug to be, after the Britain's Got Talent publicly announced he was addicted to the painkiller and would enter rehab. 

The Scots presenter revealed an accident in 2012 saw her prescribed the drug.

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She said: "'I was on Tramadol, and it really is seductive.'

'I wanted the pain in the end, but just it makes everything fantastic.'

'Your head is cotton wool. But it's horrible, because it's not real. I got it legitimately from a doctor, but it was my choice not to take it.' 

Just hours ago TV star Ant, 41, revealed that he would enter rehab for addiction after letting 'many people down'.

Speaking to The Sun, he thanked his wife Lisa Armstrong and co-star Declan Donnelly for the support they provided.

He said a knee operation two years ago first got him hooked on the drug after dealing with chronic pain everyday.