IT’S Fair Monday today so what better than to mark the day with a “Doon the Watter” picture of Irish singer Dana on board the paddle steamer Waverley in 1990?
She is smiling, but not really with her eyes, as our photographer Bill Fleming insists that she pokes her head through a lifebuoy as photographers like lots of props, even though Dana probably thought it was a metaphor for her career drowning.
With her are Pollok schoolchildren David Nicholson and Ann Walls, who seem happier with the photographer’s directions.
Dana, born Rosemary Brown, had found fame 20 years earlier, by winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland with All Kinds of Everything when still at school. She did however get off the singing treadmill by entering politics and becoming a member of the European Parliament, and she even stood unsuccessfully to become the Irish President.
The Waverley is still remarkably thundering down the Clyde every summer in its sedate fashion as enthusiasts keep the old lady, built in Glasgow just after the war, going.
 Dana must have been appearing in Glasgow at the time and was taken on board the ship for this publicity photograph.
Despite it being many years ago, we can still sing along to “Wishing-wells, wedding bells, early morning dew. All kinds of everything remind me of you.”

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