WARNING - Video contains strong language some readers may find offensive

The former leader of far-right street protest group the English Defence League (EDL) provoked Celtic fans in a video clip ahead of the Sunderland riot which saw 19 football fans arrested and one hospitalised.

Dressed in a Rangers top and making his way to the city ahead of the Dafabet Cup clash at the Stadium of Light, Tommy Robinson repeatedly ruffled Hoops fans’ feathers and labelled the Green Brigade “muppets.”

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He also sent Celtic fans the message: “We are the people - God Save the Queen.”

Also making reference to messages he said he’s received online - and talking about Celtic fans’ recent displays of solidarity with Palestine - Robinson hit out in the post on his Facebook page: “Palestine hates you.”

The 34-year-old - real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon - continued: “All these girls who have got their cleavage out and their Celtic tops: take your cleavage, take your Celtic top, and walk through Gaza and show me your solidarity - because you won’t have any.”

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“You’ll have the biggest shock of your life. So, stop hating on me.”

He added in a separate post: “Celtic Fan? Say you support Palestine? Have you walked through a refugee camp? Seen Israel? I have. Get educated.”

He also tweeted a picture of himself in his Rangers top behind the counter of Fletcher’s shop where he was taking part in a book signing.

Northumbria Police were called to the off-licence in Hendon just before 2pm.

One widely-shared video on social media appears to show a large crowd gathered outside and a flare and other objects seemingly being thrown into the shop before a mass brawl.

Northumbria Police assistant chief constable, Helen McMillan, expressed her disappointment at the way both sides behaved ahead of what was meant to be a friendly match.

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She said: “We did have some incidents of disorder in and around Sunderland between Sunderland and Celtic fans and, while police dealt with them quickly, it’s a shame these types of incidents happen at all.”

Sending out a tweet in the past hour where he reflected on yesterday’s indent, Robinson said: “The more I think about yesterday ,knowing those Celtic fans were 18 it’s probably exactly what I would have done at their age.Right or wrong.”