A group of pensioners have claimed victory in their dispute with Virgin Media after the firm installed broadband boxes in front of their living room window.

Couple Donald, 88, and Rosemary Ferguson, 82 and their neighbour Betty McGrath, 83, say they are delighted that the firm has agreed to take down the eyesore boxes.

Virgin installed the grey boxes, one of which is 5ft tall, on their street in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, in January, but they claimed not to have been told the boxes would be placed there.

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After the victory, thanked local councillor Danny Devlin and the press for highlighting the issue.

She said: “We are so pleased. We would never have gone this length if it wasn’t for councillor Devlin and the press.

“We will be able to get light back into our home, and look out and see something other than those big grey boxes outside.”

The pensioners said the boxes blocked any light from coming in their window.

The independent councillor said: “Virgin don’t need planning permission to move the boxes.

“I believe they will be moved 30 yards down the road - but not in front of anyone else’s house.

“I am absolutely delighted, pensioner power has won the day. Rosemary, Donald, and Betty have taken on a national company and won - it’s fantastic.”

A Virgin Media spokeswoman confirmed they were “looking into the complaint” and would keep the Fergusons informed of any updates.

She added: “We will keep Mr and Mrs Ferguson and Ms McGrath updated.”

Mr Devlin believes the installation of such boxes by broadband companies, should have to go through the planning process.

“They don’t need planning permission but they would usually speak to the council about the installation of these boxes. However, in this case, they didn’t”, he said.

But Virgin Media said the council was notified prior to the cabinets being installed.

Council chiefs said communication companies including Virgin Media do not require planning permission to install the boxes.

A spokesperson said: “Infrastructure providers, including broadband providers, have certain permitted development rights for boxes and installations.

“Planning permission is not required for these boxes, although we would expect them to placed in suitable locations which have minimal impact on residents.”