WHISKY-LOVING parrot Harry has regulars at a Northfleet pub in a flap because one sip turns him from a pretty polly into something pretty nasty.

The feathered fiend is normally found happily bopping along to the jukebox on his perch in the corner of The Rose pub in Wood Street.

But once he has been tempted to the bar for a spot of the hard stuff and enjoyed a quick sip of the finest single malt, his parrot alter-ego kicks in.

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Punter Austin Owen admitted he was not brave enough to go near four-year-old Harry when he has had a drink. He said: “I've seen what he's done to other people.”

And landlady Anna-Marie Mullan, 50, said: “He likes a drop of whisky, but I'm afraid he's got a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde personality which can be brought out by the drink.

“Sometimes he's as nice as pie, but I wouldn't recommend getting on his wrong side.”

Mrs Mullan bought Harry two years ago, but is not sure if he is a Norwegian Blue, like the famous expired bird in the Monty Python sketch.

She added: “He certainly is a lot livelier than the one on Monty Python.”

Ever unpredictable, Harry once flew across the lounge and through the bar, knocking a regular's pint all over him, prompting the unfortunate gentleman to exclaim: “Ello, I wish to register a complaint”.

Mrs Mullan maintains he is extremely friendly and enjoys chatting to all the customers but she refused to reveal some of his less savoury remarks.

He has been known to express his opinions freely and liberally, but her regulars do not take offence.