Clubs from all over Harrow and north-west London took part in a weekend of six-a-side matches to help Pinner Albion celebrate their 21st anniversary at Headstone Manor Recreation Ground.

South Ruislip proved the most successful club winning four of the age groups, and host club Albion were close behind with three.

"It was a most successful weekend and there was a wonderful atmosphere both of competition and friendly rivalry between the clubs," said vice-chairman George Karaiskos.

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"We would like to thank all those who gave up so much time to organise the 179 matches or by helping in any other way. Also to our fellow clubs for supporting the competition."

After the preliminary rounds the following clubs took part in the finals for all age groups.

The veterans rounded off the event when dads teams from all the age groups took part in a knockout competition. For the record the final saw the Under -15's dads defeat the Under-10s dads.

RESULTS: U8: South Ruislip 5 Pinner Utd 4; U9: St Joseph's 3 Pinner Utd 1; U10: South Ruislip 2 Pinner Albion 0; U11: South Ruislip 2 Headstone 0; U12: Pinner Albion 2 Belmont Utd 0; U13: South Ruislip 1 St Josephs 0; U14: Pinner Albion 3 Headstone Manor 1; U15: Pinner Albion 1 LNER 0.

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