Police are launching a man hunt after an attempted rape on a Hampton woman.

The attack has left her in what the police have described as a state of shock and deep distress and she has no recollection of what happened.

The incident took place last Saturday night at 10.30 pm on Old Farm Road at the junction with the Avenue.

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While walking home the 22-year-old shop assistant was grabbed by her attacker from behind.

The man held her around the neck and pulled her into some bushes where he tried to remove her clothing and rape her.

As the attacker tried to force her trousers off the victim was able to kick out and luckily he was disturbed by a group of passers-by.

The attacker then took the opportunity to flee from the scene.

The victim was then escorted along The Avenue by the group who disturbed the assault, but they left her to walk home the rest of the way on her own.

Police are now hunting the attacker but so far have very little to go on.

They do however believe the group who helped the woman could hold the key to their investigation.

A spokesman for the police said: "The woman has been left in a very distressed state and cannot recall any of the events of Saturday night.

We are appealing for any of the youths who helped her to come forward."

Police have released a sketchy description of the attacker. He is a black male five foot 10 inches tall.

Anyone with information should contact DC Craig Turner on 0181 247 7031.

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