RANGERS fans who sang the banned sectarian song Billy Boys at a match in the US are “living in the dark ages”, according to the director of anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth.

Dozens of fans appeared on a YouTube video produced by Florida Cup tournament organisers singing “we’re up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you'll die”. Rangers were playing Brazilian side Atletico Mineiro.

Rangers fan Alicia Wiggins, who is originally from Greenock but now lives in Florida, was front and centre, singing the song and pumping her fist in the air.

She has defended her actions, which would see her arrested by police under anti-bigotry laws if she sang the song in Scotland. Wiggins said: “It wasn’t just me.”

Rangers was fined £13,300 by Uefa after the song was heard during a Champions League match in 2006.

The Youtube footage is intended to promote the Florida Cup, a friendly international tournament.

Nil By Mouth director Dave Scott said: “It’s sad when groups of fans tarnish their club’s reputation abroad by packing bigotry in the suitcase and then putting it on display at matches. These people need to join the 21st century rather than living in the dark ages.”

A spokesman for the Florida Cup said: “The inclusion of the chant in the video was 100 per cent unintentional.”

The Sunday Herald contacted Rangers for comment but did not receive a response.