What struck me most about Tom Gordon's article on Nato and the referendum debate is that I increasingly get the impression that the SNP has somehow morphed into just another British establishment party, willing to employ all the unseemly machinations we regularly witness at Westminster (Salmond faces Nato rebels, News, August 5).

The very fact that some have plans to "debate" the issue at the autumn conference is telling.

It is a bit late in the day, is it not, to even contemplate changing a 30-year policy of opposition to Nato membership, an alliance synonymous with nuclear weapons? The late [former SNP leader] Billy Wolfe must be turning in his grave. Angus Robertson's motion, supported by Salmond, that an independent Scotland would not "host" nuclears but rely on others to use them if the occasion arose, is not only hypocritical but bonkers. It is also risible that we would all feel "unprotected" were Angus Robertson's motion defeated.

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George B Anderson