HALLOWE'EN last night, and a great time for the kids.

Sometimes less so for adults, particularly in Glasgow.

Reader Norry Wilson tells us: "My pal Lisa Lawson, of Glasgow's Dear Green Coffee Roasters, was highly entertained at lunchtime to watch a running battle between Superman and a Smurf outside a pub in Bridgegate."

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Wired for sound

DOUGLAS Kinnaird in Glasgow felt his age when talking to a young New Yorker over in Scotland for a wedding when he asked if everything was OK back home after Hurricane Sandy.

The young woman said that it had been difficult at first contacting her mother in Manhattan as the mobile phone service was inoperable, but luckily her mother "has got one of these old phones, you know with a wire coming out of it".

Don't knock it...

SCOTS words that can mean something different to visitors: Carmen McAteer recalls being shocked on her first visit to Scotland from England when the woman that she was staying with asked her if she would like a "chap" in the morning.

Cast off...

THE play I, Tommy, which chronicles the colourful life of Tommy Sheridan has been touring Scotland. In Dunoon the enthusiastic audience was baffled as to why the cast failed to re-appear for a deserved second bow.

The reason was that they had been told that bad weather might halt the ferries, so taking no chances, the cast, in costume, was already running to the jetty while the audience was still applauding.

Our political contact comments: "In the old days there would have been no need to rush, as the real Tommy thought he could have walked on water all the way back to Gourock."

Norse code

AMERICAN tourists continued. Tour guide Fionna Eden-Bushell took a group of Americans up Calton Hill in Edinburgh to admire the view when one woman, looking across the Firth of Forth towards the Fife coastline, said: "I had no idea you were so close to Norway."

Still, at least she was looking roughly in the right direction.

Unhappy, he is

DISNEY has bought Lucas Films, makers of Star Wars, and is already planning a new series of films. Rumour is that the title of the first one will be When You Wish Upon A Death Star.

And a Star Wars fan, unimpressed by the last of the six Star Wars films made, comments: "I'm pretty upset that Disney might ruin Star Wars. That's George Lucas's job."

Bottled up?

WE asked for a Commonwealth Games motto to reflect them being held in Glasgow. Ian Mouat in Glasgow suggests a local translation of the Sydney Olympics motto "Share the Spirit."

In Glasgow it would be "Pass the Buckie".