The proposed high-speed rail link between Glasgow and Edinburgh is another plan containing similar hare-brained schemes to the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP) proposals ("New high-speed intercity rail vow", The Herald, November 13).

Some, but not all, have been retained in the watered-down £650 million version. The high-speed vow, as it is termed, is something drawn up on the back of a fag packet. The map was full of errors as regards present-day rail lines. The photo call of Nicola Sturgeon in the cab of a Pendolino at Glasgow Central was another distraction from major issues on hoped for transport projects that are being woefully dealt with by Holyrood.

John Macnab, 175 Grahamsdyke Street, Falkirk.

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Have I got this right: we don't know which stations will be used for the high-speed rail link, the route it will take, what rolling stock will be used, what it will cost, where the uncosted money will come from or who will operate the trains? Do we even want it?

Allan S Cook,

Beechgrove, 20 Millig Street, Helensburgh.