Bill Cumming asks if nuthatches are an unusual sighting in the west of Scotland (Letters, November 21).

A pair of nuthatches have been regular visitors to my garden in Drymen, first spotted about two years ago.

I also saw a flock of waxwings from my office window in the very centre of Clydebank last week, right next to a busy main road, which shows you don't have to venture out to the countryside to see unusual birds.

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David McCulloch,

4 Buchanan Mews,



I have only ever seen a nuthatch in Newcastleton in the lovely Scottish Borders and always thought this would be as far north as they went.

But, hey, Bearsden where even the Romans reached.

So the odd nuthatch is to be found in unusual places, just like the odd LibDem.

John B Anderson,


Station Road,