Colette Douglas Home's excellent article was a welcome and thoughtful contribution which poured cold water on the recent insanity concerning the use of Twitter to abuse other people ("McAlpine strikes a blow against tweeting tittle-tattle", The Herald, November 20).

In common with many other citizens I tweet on a regular basis, making comment on the issues which interest me. I have never even considered the possibility of being able to use this, or any other medium, to launch a personal attack on any person; and certainly never to make a comment I would not make directly to the person concerned.

Like all online media, tweets reflect the interest of the tweeter and this is both its strength and its weakness. People whose only interest is celebrity gossip will tweet accordingly and unfortunately the tweets of those who appear to be incapable of thinking before speaking will reflect that. No form of social media is responsible for that; it is the actions of those who use Twitter to abuse others who must bear the blame.

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Ann Ballinger,

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