IT is refreshing to read of lorry drivers' concerns over road safety ("Lorry drivers to stage go-slow", The Herald, December 4).

And of course HGV driver Conor McKenna is right to point out that "a lot of the public don't seem to know that we are restricted to 40mph". Many motorists maybe think it is at least 60mph, judging by the amount of tailgating and flashing by HGV drivers if we attempt to drive at 50, even in winter conditions.

From my own experience on the A9, A95 and A96, HGV drivers regularly drive at 50-60mph on the single carriageway sections of the road. Logically, if the legal limit were to be raised from 40 to 50, these drivers would raise their speed to 60-plus. How many accidents might this cause?

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If the public could be assured that, if the limit was raised to 50mph HGV drivers stick to it, then fine. They already openly exceed 50, so what is the point?

James Brady,

Fearn Cottage,

Nethy Bridge.