I AM becoming increasingly annoyed at a disturbing trend occurring whenever I visit my local coffee establishment – the job interview taking place at the next table.

During my last few visits to various coffee houses, and even one well-known hotel, I have found myself sitting at a table where a person at the adjacent table was being interviewed for a job. In a couple of instances, they were obviously having a series of interviews, one after the other.

The coffee shop also seems to be becoming the place of choice for carrying out job appraisals. It is hard not to overhear such conversations, particularly when they are being carried out by an HR person, reading from a pro forma questionnaire.

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Why does this now have to be carried out in such a public place ? I can understand the desire to create an informal approach but I think it is now going too far and is no longer an informal chat.

Are companies doing away with meeting rooms to such an extent that such private and important conversations have to be carried out in a busy coffee shop ?

Harry Warnock,

38 New City Road, Glasgow.