In an article about the Hacked Off campaign, Charlotte Church's appearance on BBC One's Question Time was referred to in a misleading way (Still hacked off?, News, December 2).

Far from Ms Church's "mention" of the treatment of herself and her family by the press causing a comment from a member of the audience to the effect that celebrities sometimes ask for what they get, the audience comment came first and triggered Ms Church's reply describing the disgusting treatment she, family and acquaintances received.

Not reported was the fact that the audience member then apologised, albeit half-heartedly, and was booed by the audience for her unjustified remarks.

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Ms Church proved competent, articulate and deserving of attention. Unfortunately, the accompanying photograph of her in the article chose to focus on the tattoo on her back. Better, fairer, balanced and accurate reportage would be more appropriate when covering this topic.

David Mellor