A £300,000 commission is being initiated to find an artwork for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games ("Search on for 2014 Games artwork", The Herald, December 12).

How I wish artwork had been replaced by Scottish national anthem. This vast sum will be spent on what will be a work of considerable artistic merit but something which will have no continuing impact compared to the same prize money being offered in a worldwide effort to find at last a Scottish national anthem worthy of the name.

Too long have we played around with de facto anthems such as Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland, Scots Wha Hae, A Man's a Man for A' That and Highland Cathedral, none of which could be termed inspirational. Then see and hear Land of my Fathers played and sung at the Millennium Stadium. Who could fail to be impressed by the passion engendered by this marvellous Welsh anthem?

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Surely there has to be, either in existence or still to be conceived, an anthem of high quality for Scotland. What will it take to find it?

Frederick Jenkins,

The Lodge, Burnton, Kippen.