Christmas Eve is Dad’s birthday – and he's lived to enjoy it. Phew!

Here are some other Reasons to be Cheerful: the world didn’t end on December 21 as predicted!

December 21 was my birthday.

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My birthday is the shortest day of the year and the longest night.

So now we can truly say ‘the days are getting longer’. And it won’t be long before we really see a difference.

December 23 was my nephew Jack’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jackster!

And some others, with apologies to Ian Dury:

Reasons to be Cheerful – one, two, three 

Feeling rather jolly, the shininess of holly

Remembering aunt Mollie and Quaker Oats

Singing in a choir, sitting by the fire

The easiness of parking and trips to the coast


Dad’s fantastic neighbours

So generous with their favours

Scottish words like ‘havers’

and Arran soaps


Ruth and Paul upstairs

Saying silent prayers

Wrapping up in layers

and Morton’s rolls


Skies of petrol blue

The hairy Highland coo

Being able to talk to you

Skype, my blog and Twitter too


Watching Dad dreaming

Snowball fights and screaming

Trying to figure out life’s meaning

And sailing boats.


Ginger wine and napping

The waitresses ‘Christmas Rapping’

Turtle doves a flapping

And chestnut roasts


Mum’s bench at Bellahouston

The music of Oscar Peterson

Dad’s great sense of humour

And his fortitude


The ghosts of Christmas past

Think this’ll be Dad’s last

But I’ve said that every year for

I don’t know how long


We both wish you every reason

To be cheerful this Christmas season

To have everything you wish for

And a happy New Year when it comes